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What our customers are saying


Blue Rose / IQ delivers cutting edge technology and high-end audio performance to customers around the world - here's a small sample of what our customers are saying...




"Thank you for your advise…, the M300's did a great job of driving my GoldenEar Triton towers. Clearly the best sound I have ever heard."
Peter, Manhattan NY


"Just an outstanding overall design and performance......the value is amazing."
Theo, San Francisco, CA


"This amplifier is very neutral, and really drives my Magneplanar 1.7 speakers very nicely. The additional power and control made a huge improvement."
Tony, Ventura, CA


"Very musical amplifier..thanks for taking so much time reviewing my system requirments. You were right, they work great with my CJ PV9 preamp and Vandersteen 2Ce speakers."
Jeff, Colorado Springs, CO


"Marvellous, much better than the previous amplifier I had before...this is a new level of performance in Class D amplifiers."
Anthony, Santa Monica, CA


"An absolutely unbeatable amplifier..at a great price, wow, thank you for the tremendous value." 
Stephen, San Jose, CA


"It's another world. The IQ M300's really drives my B&W amazingly well. Best regards and respect for such a musical amplifer at a great price."
Robert, Atlanta, GA


"Absolutely fantastic, - I am using the pre-amp outputs of my Marantz receiver, and what a differrence the M300's make. It is like I listened to my CD collection for the first time." 
Rich, Las Vegas, NV


"Quite an outstanding product, and my wife thinks it is cute" ( I'm talking about the sound and the Apple looks).
Mark, Portland, OR


"I don't forsee a change of amps in the near future. The amps work great with my Quad 2805 speakers...placing the monoblocks behind the Quads with short speaker leads really worked well."
Greg, Dallas, TX


"I am absolutley delighted with my purchase. Thank you for taking so much time answering questions and providing advice for optimizing my system." 
David, Orlando, FL


"Fantastic – truly musical with power and grace." 
Denny, Phoenix, AZ


"It's a wonderful amplifier, the performance for the money is off the charts. " 
Ken, Columbus, OH


"Superb craftmanship & sound. Excellent design, many of my friends like the cool industrial design." 
Ben, Portland, ME 


"Sonically the most musical amplifier I have owned."
MItch, Ogden, UT


Why not experience today what many satisfied Blue Rose / IQ customers around the world are already excited and talking about? 





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