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"When I was presented with the pint sized IQ Audio M300 MonoBlock amplifier for review. I wanted to pick it apart as nothing more than a gimmick. Instead I was pleasantly surprised. "
" The M300 is the first Class D amplifier that I'd seriously consider for my own use. It offers better measurable performance than I've seen from any other Class D designs, generates little to no heat making it ideal for stacking multiple units or cramming into tight spaces. Most importantly, the M300 sounds fabulous, never misbehaving or losing composure. Deceptively good is how I'd best describe this amplifier. It has me wondering, what's next for IQ Audio? "
" The IQ Audio M300 MonoBlock amplifier is deceivingly good, delivering rated power with pristine fidelity and finesse in an efficient, cool running pint sized package. Class D at its best."
" Most importantly, the M300 sounds fabulous, never misbehaving or losing composure.  It is a deceptively great little amplifier. "
" For its size, the M300 amplifier has no equal.
" If you want truly impressive performance from the smallest and most efficient package I’ve ever seen, the IQ Audio M300 has no equal."
" The M300 delivered a whopping 307 watts continuously from 20Hz to 20kHz.  Now that is big power from a Mighty Mouse sized amplifier."





" These amps are remarkable for their very high performance to price ratio. A great value. This is a very cost-effective way to upgrade a system for true biamplification."

Charles Zeilig




" I am absolutely blown away by these monoblock amps from IQ Audio! At $1,495 they help reproduce music in my main reference that I've only heard from amplifiers twice their price!

Plus: The design is a first-rate modern aesthetic - clean lines, nothing clunky about these beauties!

Quality binding posts, balanced and RCA inputs. Review to follow at Positive Feedback Online:







" At the end of the day, I came away from my time with the IQ Audio M300 having great respect for them."


" They don't really sound like a "conventional" MOSFET or Bipolar solid-state amp, but don't sound at all like a tube amp either. Just as high quality chip amps (like the 47 Labs or more recent Clones Audio amp) have their own sound, these Class D amps have their own sound, too. But, right now, to me they seem quite sonically characterless, and have brought to light some subtle characteristics in my other amps that I hadn't quite identified before."


" They are powerful, neutral, cool running and get pretty much everything right. They are well built and reasonably priced. I think they will put some serious pressure on other manufacturers in this price range." 







" The IQ amplifiers are simply awesome."

" We ( HP) have been warming them up and thoroughly enjoying the sound they are able to produce." 

" They sound so good that we have already begun to take listening notes."


Joey Weiss

Editor & Publisher

HP Soundings.com





October 2013


IQ Audio M300 Monoblock Power Amplifiers
Small is beautiful !



"I listened to what is now an audiophile warhorse – Rickie Lee Jones' debut album. Via the iQ monoblocks, there was a good flow of the musical line that allowed for some unplanned toe-tapping. Though I am not a "PRAT" fanatic, I do value the ability of any component to follow the music, which often becomes an issue only when it is lacking. The M300s were clean, clear and still musical."

"I heard great left to right placement, wherein the instruments were all terribly precise in placement. It was almost too good. After reviewing for years, one becomes wary of such great images or rendition; it is nonetheless a hallmark of accurate reproduction. "
" In sum, they were a pleasure to listen to. The M300s excelled in jazz. The sax comes in just as prominently as via my tubes, maybe a little more so. In combination with the lateral precision, the instruments were placed perfectly. My notes used the term "uncanny" and that is not far from spot on. With terrific spatial coherence and truly fine temporal control, the bass does more than nicely with the M300s. My first impression was that this was something I had not heard before."
" It is most pleasing that the amps fill the silent part of the space as well as anything I heard "

" The iQ M300 amplifiers do a great job in every major regard."

" The M300s do a convincing job on recordings (jazz, classical) where the music is unamplified and played in a "real" space. One could always wish for more of the sweet, liquid sound of tubes but the M300s go a long way toward emulating the sound of their solid state role models such as Spectral and Pass."

" With amplified music, they are superb, thanks to inherent musicality, a very quiet background, and a clear delineation of the soundstage that helps to overcome the crowding typical of so much popular music."  

" Along with tremendous power, a robust build, and ease of operation, it is hard to see why music lovers would not be attracted to these amplifiers." 

" They are a great value in the under-$2500 segment and worth a careful audition. On that note, since iQ is a direct seller, there is a 30-day free trial period, which means you will have at the very least a month of very fine music."



 July 2013



IQ Audio M300 Monoblock Power Amplifiers
Giving your stereo the one-two punch.


" The first thing you notice sonically about the M300s is the non-fatiguing way they present music. Regardless of musical genre, the M300s avoid stridency. They render jazz, classical, rock, and electronica very well, allowing the listener to sit back and enjoy the musical experience without the “wince factor” that some equipment creates."
" The M300s bring to life the guitar plucks on “Give My Love to Rose,” from Johnny Cash’s American IV, with delicacy and richness."
" They also render John Coltrane’s saxophone with clarity and grace. Those who have sat near a live saxophone performance know that the sound can have a natural sharpness in some cases. The M300s manage to reveal the detail of Coltrane’s performance without adding any harshness beyond that already inherent in the recording. Through the M300s, the jazz legend’s album Blue Train is both engaging and relaxing."
" Recordings of “The Stars and Stripes Forever” conducted by John Philip Sousa offer varying degrees of audio quality, so I cheat a bit on my theme by deferring to recordings by modern conductors. Here, the M300s do a very nice job of revealing the dynamic contrasts of the various instruments. Flute notes dance through the air with delicacy; cymbals have a solid crash and a slow decay; and brass instruments are easily identified. In a recording like this, adequate power is necessary to get the heft of the performance through my speakers—and the M300s do not disappoint."
" For everything that they do well, the M300s provide great value. IQ made smart decisions in the designing and voicing of these amps."
" They offer durable ease of use, stellar energy efficiency, enjoyable and non-fatiguing portrayal of music, the power needed to drive challenging speaker loads, and a neutral sonic profile that renders all types of music quite well."
" For this price, I think you’ll find that this pair of amps is a knockout."










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