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The dB and the inverse square Law

Truth in Engineering


The dB is a relative measure of loudness usually expressed in terms of spl. The dB or decibel is 1/10 th of a Bell. 


Another important point about the dB is that it is on a logarithmic scale (power of 10). This means that music at 10 dB higher spl requires 10 times the power.


Interestingly, to perceive music as twice as loud the level has to be increased by 10 dB, and you guessed it, requires 10 times the power. See the below chart for more detail.





Another important topic intertwined with the dB is the Inverse Square Law.


In basic terms, the Inverse Square Law states that for every doubling of distance from the source, the acoustic output is reduced by 6 dB. 


For example, if the loudspeaker in a free field produces a sound pressure level of 85 dB at a distance of 1 meter, which is typical of most audiophile speakers, the sound pressure level at 2 meters is 79 dB, at 4 meters is 73 dB, and so forth.


This has significant impact on the amount of amplifier power actually required.  


One can quickly see that to accurately and effortlessly reproduce music in a reasonably sized listening room, requires a lot of clean amplifier power. 


This is why the Blue Rose / IQ amplifier is rated to deliver FTC RMS continuous sine wave power, full bandwidth, 20hz to 20Khz, into all loads. Into 4 ohms. How many amplifiers can really do that? Not many.



This enables the Blue Rose / IQ M300 amplifier to drive any loudspeaker with control, power, and finesse required to bring music’s dynamics and subtle details to life!



Our unique "Smart-D" system should not be confused with other solutions that simply supply peak or burst power, which is frequency and time base limited. Our system is always ready to deliver when the music demands, and it delivers in FTC RMS continuous basis.


Other solutions rely on a smaller then optimal power supply which supplies lower RMS continuous power, and can only deliver burst power for a short duration of time.


There is a difference, and you can hear it. 


The net result of all this effort is that the Blue Rose / IQ M300 power amplifier has delicate detailing, from a quite black background, with powerful punch and slam, with dimensional imagery.







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