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Sound, Not Specs



Specs are, by their very nature, just a snapshot of an amplifiers capability.


Blue Rose / IQ  FTC rating methodology is an attempt to bring a broader understanding and engineering honesty to the power rating issue. But, in the end, it's not ratings you listen to.


You listen to music or movies in your listening or home theater room.


At the end of the day, your own ears will tell you everything you need to know about power.


When you listen to the clear, focused, and intensely detailed sound of the IQ M300, with its powerful and extended bass, you'll understand why we put so much effort into low impedance drive capability.


And when you notice the relaxed and unstressed way the Blue Rose / IQ M300 sails through musical and cinematic climaxes, you'll appreciate the engineering behind the IQ SMPS and Smart D output stage, with its effortless power delivery.




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