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IQ M300 Smart Power Supply

The IQ M300 amplifier uses an innovative and state of the art switch-mode power supply to ensure the most musical amplification currently available.


The IQ power supply uses the latest high switching technologies that results in extremely fast response, with very low conducted and radiated noise. The result is a powerful and musical power supply.


Keeping very low RF noise and EMI radiation in a power supply is key to obtaining more clarity and transparency, as well as better dynamic range and dynamic transient response.


The IQ power supply refreshes every 1/100,000 of a second. A conventional peak rectifications system, found in most amplifiers, can only refresh at a rate of 1/120 of a second. Quite a difference in speed!


The switching supplies in the IQ amplifier are capable to switch at speeds in excess of 200 Khz. This is significantly faster then competing designs. This enables the amplifier to have better control of musical signals, and much better regulation.


To ensure reliability and optimal efficiency, the IQ power supply always runs above 100 Khz, and unlike competitive designs, does not vary the switching frequency as load or mains voltage fluctuates.

The switch mode supply acts like a veritable energy reserve delivering at the speed of light the huge quantities of current demanded by the amplifier instantly.



The end result is that the IQ M300 is clean, clear, fast, musical, overall refined sound reproduction from a cool running, energy efficient, and truly green amplifier.    



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