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IQ Owners Manual



 Blue Rose / IQ 300 Mono Block Power Amplifier Owner’s Manual (on-line version)


A Letter from Blue Rose / IQ


Dear Audio Enthusiast,


Congratulations and thank you for selecting the M300 mono block amplifiers for your high-performance music system. We are certain they will provide you with years of listening pleasure.


The M300 amplifier delivers the absolute truth in music reproduction. The M300 mono block amplifier is a 300-watt tour de force, and establishes a new benchmark for Class D amplifiers.


The M300 is proudly handcrafted in the USA for the discerning listener of music and movies, who wants the ultimate in sonic purity with explosive dynamics, startling impact, slam, and control. All with great depth and three-dimensionality. 


Please take a few minutes to read through this owner’s manual prior to using your M300 amplifiers. This will help you to understand the basic functions and capabilities of the amplifiers. It will also allow you to maximize the exceptional performance for which they were designed. 


Your M300 mono block amplifiers have undergone extensive tests for safety, functionality and technical performance. In addition, your amplifiers have been individually subjected to listening trials in the IQ listening room, utilizing a wide range of musical material.


No amplifier ever leaves our factory until we are totally satisfied in its technical and musical performance. After all, at Blue Rose / IQ, we get you back to what it is all about, music and movies. 


We hope that you enjoy your new M300 amplifier.




Blue Rose / IQ




Please contact Blue Rose / IQif you have questions not addressed in the owner’s manual. www.IQaudiocorp.com

This product is manufactured in the United States of America. © 2012 by IQ Audio Corp. All rights reserved





The M300 amplifier complies with the following standards:

Europe: IEC60065

US: UL6500

CA: E60065

EMI: EN55103-1, EN55103-2

FCC part 15b Class A


All IQ M300 assembly parts are ROHS compliant, lead-free.


1. Read Instructions. 

2. Keep these Instructions. 

3. Heed all Warnings.

4. Follow all Instructions.

5. Do not use the IQ M300 near water.

6. Clean only with a dry cloth.

7. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus that produce heat.

8. Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time.

9. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as a power-supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped.

10. An IQ M300 amplifier must be placed on a firm, level surface where it is not exposed to dripping or splashing.

11. Do not place flammable material above or beneath an IQ M300 amplifier.

12. Before making connections to an IQ M300 amplifier, ensure that the power is off and other components are in mute or stand-by mode. Make sure all cable terminations are of the highest quality, free from frayed ends, short circuits, or cold solder joints. Be especially careful when connecting to terminals marked which may have hazardous voltages on them during operation.



Definition of Terms




A symmetrical input or output circuit that has equal impedance from both input terminals to a common ground reference point. The industry standard for professional and sound recording installations, XLR balanced connections allow the use of long interconnect cables. Balanced connections reduce the susceptibility to common mode noise like ground loops,etc.

XLR Pin Configuration

Pin 1 Ground

Pin 2 Non-inverting (hot)

Pin 3 Inverting (cold)


Un-Balanced or Single-ended 

An unbalanced (single ended) interface uses only two conductors to carry the signal from one device to another, one conductor carries the signal and the other is the grounded return. In consumer audio systems this usually consists of a cable with a center conductor and a shield terminated in an RCA Phono plug.

Single-ended connections are not recommended for connections requiring long cable runs. Use care when using single-ended connections, because the ground connection is made last and broken first. Turn the system off prior to making or breaking single-ended connections.




When the power status indicator is not illuminated, the amplifier is off.


When the power button is pressed, and the power status indicator is illuminated in blue, the amplifier is in operational mode and ready to play music.


Mono Block Design

The mono block design of the IQ M300 amplifier allows great flexibility in placement, either near your source components or your loudspeakers.

The mono block design allows for the total isolation of each channel. The result is holographic stereo imaging and separation. The ability of each channel to drive 4-ohm, even 2-ohm loads with ease, you’ll experience a breathtaking truth in sound quality that is extremely dynamic, detailed and resolved.


Front Panel Description


IQ M300 amplifier front panel functions are described below:



Press the power button to place the IQ M300 amplifier in operational mode.

The power status indicator illuminates in blue when the amplifier is in operational mode.


If there is no illumination, please check the following items:

1. The power cord is connected to the amplifier

2. The power cord is plugged into a live AC power supply outlet.

3. There is no 12 VDC controller connected to the 12V connector


Back Panel Description


The amplifier back panel provides access to the input and output connections, 12 V trigger inputs and outputs, and the AC power connection. 

IQ M300 amplifier back panel functions are described below.



IQ “Torque” Binding Posts

The IQ M300 has one positive (+) and one negative (-) binding post.

The IQ “Torque” binding posts accept spade lugs only. There is no provision for the use of banana plugs. These plugs have been proven to come loose over time, which increases the contact resistance and distortion.

The IQ "Torque" binding posts accept spade lugs that have a minimum opening of 6 mm or ¼ inch

Take care to observe the correct polarity when making connections: The positive (+) output connects to the positive input of the loudspeaker. The negative (-) output connects to the negative input of the loudspeaker.



Un-Balanced or single-ended analog input with RCA connectors.

Balanced analog input with XLR connectors.

Make sure to put the input selection toggle switch on the IQ M300 to the appropriate single-ended (RCA) or balanced (XLR) position.


Remote Connections

The IQ M300 has two (2) 12 VDC In/Out triggers.

The input 12 V trigger allows you to turn the IQ M300 amplifier on from other components.

The output trigger sends 12 VDC (12 V trigger) power on/off signals to other devices that incorporate a 12 V trigger, allowing whole systems or parts of systems to be easily controlled remotely.

Mono 3.5 mm connectors are used in the following configuration: Tip = +12 V, Sleeve = GND.


Connection Steps


Position the amplifier where you intend to use it in your music system.

The following steps describe how to connect an IQ M300 amplifier to your music system:


1. Turn off all power sources and components before connecting inputs and outputs.

2. Neatly arrange and organize wiring to and from the IQ M300 amplifier and all components. Separate AC wires from audio cables to prevent hum or other unwanted noise from being introduced into the system.

3. Connect the outputs of your preamplifier to the appropriate balanced, or single-ended input on the IQ M300 amplifier.

4. Make sure to put the input selection toggle switch on the IQ M300 to the appropriate single-ended (RCA) or balanced (XLR) position.

5. Connect the loudspeaker cables to the lQ “Torque” loudspeaker binding posts on the IQ M300 amplifier.

6. Connect the supplied AC power cord to the IEC power cord receptacle.

7. Plug the AC power cord into AC power outlet.



When powering up any system, turn the amplifier on last. When powering down, turn it off first. This will prevent any turn-on and turn-off thumps in your loudspeakers.

Always mute or fully attenuate the preamplifier level when switching sources. Do not change input connections to the amplifier when the amplifier is on.



Troubleshooting System Noise


AC grounding becomes critical when connecting high-performance audio components. When you mix and match high-performance audio components, each with its own ground potential, a low frequency hum may occur in one or both loudspeakers. This often occurs when introducing a new component into a system. If this happens when you place the IQ M300 amplifier into your system, follow these simple troubleshooting steps.


1. Check that all input and output connections are of sound construction.

2. With the amplifier off, remove the interconnect cables, and then turn the amplifier on. If the hum disappears, turn the amplifier on again, and reinsert one of the interconnect cables. Turn the amplifier back on. Repeat this process for each cable.

3. If the hum reappears with one or both interconnect cables reinserted, the cable needs to be checked.

4. If the interconnect cables are in good working order, you may be experiencing a ground loop. Please contact IQ for suggestions on how to eliminate the ground loop.



IQ note on Specifications 


At IQ, we are an engineering driven company, and firmly believe in rigorous and accurate amplifier power specifications.

It is the IQ position that the really only true and accurate amplifier power specification is FTC continuous sine wave power. The sine wave measurement is the most stringent and hardest test for a power amplifier. 

However many competitive products are rated using the higher peak / burst rating. We think this is misleading and not correct from an engineering perspective and not really truthful to the end user. You!  Good Listening from IQ.

Please visit the IQ website for additional information. 






8-ohm – 150-watts (maximum power output 250-watts)

4-ohm – 300-watts (maximum power output 400-watts)

All ratings based on FTC test protocol.

All rating based on continuous sine wave power / true RMS power.

Less then 0.02% distortion at any frequency, 20hz to 20Khz



5hz to 45Khz (– 3 db)



Universal switch mode

Fully protected

Compliant in all countries



Balanced (XLR) – 100K Ohms

Unbalanced (RCA)  – 100K Ohms



IQ- torque binding posts



28 db (standard THX)



12V Trigger

12V pass through



Start Up & Normal Operation – Blue LED



Height – 3.25 inches

Width – 7.75 inches

Depth – 7.75 inches

Weight – 7 lbs



IQ M300 packaging contains the following:


 1 (one) – IQ M300 Amplifier

 1 (one) – IQ M300 Owner’s Manual

 1 (one) – IQ “kord” power cord [6.6’ – 2 meters long]


Carefully unpack each piece and check for shipping damage. If there is any damage, or if anything is missing, please contact your dealer, or IQ Audio.



Save all packing materials! They are custom designed to protect the unit during transportation or shipping. If the packing becomes lost or damaged, please contact your dealer, or IQ Audio before attempting to transport your unit




Our goal is for you to be happy with your IQ Audio Corporation product, and we will go the extra yard to make sure this is always the case. You can count on that pledge!

IQ Audio Corporation warrants the materials, workmanship, and proper functioning of this product for a period of two years from the date of purchase as long as the product was operated in accordance with its operating manual. 

In the event of such a failure, the product will be repaired or replaced by IQ Audio Corporation. In the rare case of warranty issues you will need your serial number and original bill of sale or on-line receipt. 

This warranty is extended to the original purchaser only and is not transferable.

One last point, we would ask you to please register your product so that we can better keep you informed of any product updates. We want you to be a happy with your IQ product now, and into the future. 

Our goal is to have extremely satisfied customers who will become life-long customers and advocates for IQ.


Please visit the IQ website to register your M300 amplifier. www.IQaudiocorp.com


Contact Information


IQ Audio Corporation, Inc.



 T 818.481.8522

 F 805.370.0062


















Please contact IQ Audio Corp if you have questions not addressed in the owner’s manual.

This product is manufactured in the United States of America. © 2012 by IQ Audio Corp. All rights reserved.





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