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IQ Mission Statement



In a world full of choices, Blue Rose / IQ strives to design and manufacture products that set us apart.


Our focus is on exquisite engineering, precision assembly and tight quality control, to provide you, our valued clients, with superior products.


Every component is crafted by people who take tremendous pride in building the very best products possible. This focus on quality goes much deeper than our assembly processes; it literally represents our business mission statement. 


Exceptional design.


At Blue Rose / IQ, we begin working on each new product with a clean slate. Nothing is taken for granted. We’re always reviewing our assumptions to facilitate creating the finest products possible.


At Blue Rose / IQ, we take a holistic approach to our overall designs. We use highly sophisticated CAD software, PCB design software, and circuit-simulating software, to model and analyze design concepts. We are constantly challenging ourselves to develop new new processes and new circuitry... all to provide you with superb sound.


Excellence in manufacturing.


The focus is on quality. Period. This holds true for every step in our production cycle. Components are selected for both their sonic quality and performance characteristics.


Rigorous Testing.


Inspection and testing are a critically important part of the assembly process. Individual components, completed circuit boards, sub-assemblies and final assemblies are all put through rigorous inspection and testing procedures. Each of our fully assembled products is put through a gauntlet of testing using a Prism Dscope III.


Protecting your investment.


We consider your purchase of an Blue Rose / IQ product to be an investment. To protect that investment, we use only the very best component parts and the very finest manufacturing processes to produce the very best products we can.


Our goal is to have extremely satisfied customers who will become life-long customers and advocates for Blue Rose / IQ.




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