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IQ M300 Features

Sleek Design

The Blue Rose / IQ M300 features a beautiful seamless extrusion enclosure, with machined aluminum top and bottom panels. The extrusion mounting holes are created using computer numerical control, or CNC machines — the same kind used by the aerospace industry to build critical components. This ensures absolute precision of every component of the IQ M300 enclosure. Overall, a stunning aluminum enclosure with superb fit and finish.




Design Details

During the design and developemnt of the Blue Rose IQ M300, all details, no matter how small, were taken into consideration. The Blue Rose / IQ M300 therefore has IQ-torque speaker connectors, the industry best, Cardas Rhodium plated RCA jacks, and the IQ-kord power cable with ferrite beads. All to ensure the absolute best performance. 




Cardas RCA 




IQ "torque" Speaker Binding Posts


IQ "kord" power cable





The Blue Rose / IQ M300 monoblock design lets you optimize the placement of your amps.


The Blue Rose / IQ M300 momoblock design ensures each channel is totally isolated from any other channel. Whether in stereo or multi-channel applications. You have all the power, all the time, without impedance restrictions, and without power supply sags due to multiple channels pulling off a common supply. This significantly improves channel crosstalk, and greatly improves imaging.


The M300 monoblock, when placed close to your speakers, with short speaker cables, will increase the control over your speaker, ie higher damping, which will ensure tight and powerful bass, with real slam.  In addition, this can still further improve the sound stage and imaging.




The M300 monoblock design uses a software programmed micro-controller front end  / input design. This is absolutely state of the art.


The microcontrolled front end / input stage controls all aspects of the amplifier start up, and has been meticulously refined to optimize all aspects of performance, ie  frequency response, distortion, etc. Both the balanced or unbalanced inputs yield exceptional results.


The M300 microcontrolled front end / input buffer stage has an input impedance of 100k, both un-balanced and balanced, which will allow you to use the M300  will all solidstate and tube pre-amps. At no time will you load down the output stage of your source.




The M300 monoblock, at 150 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms, and 300 watts into 4 ohms, provides all the required power one could possibly use, in a package which is both compact and powerful.


The M300 is suitable for a wide range of audio/video systems where sonic accuracy, power, and long term reliability is required



Performance Without Compromise

With today's increased clarity and dynamic range in music and movie soundtracks you need equipment that not only equals but also surpasses the parameters of the most demanding material available.


The M300 amplifier is without peer in meeting this performance challenge !



Serious Amplifiers for Serious Listeners

The net result of all this effort is that the Blue Rose / IQ M300 power amplifier has delicate detailing, excellent micro-dynamics, all from a quite black background, with powerful punch and slam, and dimensional imagery.





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