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IQ M300 Analog Switching "Smart D" technology


The IQ M300 amplifier design utilizes a high-performance analog modulation technique in tandem with a sophisticated closed-loop control feedback system. These two technologies are the heart of our Analog Switching " Smart D " Amplifier.


Load Invariant

The IQ Analog Switching “ Smart D” Amplifier self-oscillating technology works in concert with our closed-loop feedback system so that the IQ amplifier is load-invariant. The feedback is taken after the amplifier output filter at the speaker terminals. 

What load-invariant means to you is that the IQ amplifier can drive any impedance load and the frequency response of the amplifier will be perfectly flat into all impedance loads, and will be without the high frequency response peaks often seen in competitive amplifiers that can cause listener fatigue.



The IQ Analog Switching “ Smart D” amplifier self-oscillating circuit switches the power mosfets at 500 kHz.


Phase Response

The IQ Analog switching amplifier has extremely good phase response. This is in stark contrast to many of the competitive amplifiers that produce large phase shifts at 20kHz. These phase shifts can be particularly audible with respect to music's spatial clues and imaging.


With all the above technology integrated together in perfect harmony, the IQ M300 amplifiers deliver on our goal of pristine clarity, natural tonality, expansive and precise imaging, with powerful and accurate bass with rhythm and slam.




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